I have been composing steadily since 2006, almost entirely self-taught until 2014. As a guitarist, initially I started out by writing for my own instrument, but my compositional range has expanded since the early years. Encouraged by the audiences’ enthusiastic reception of my music and always eager to learn more, last year I decided to continue my education in this field. Going back to school for composition at Southern Methodist University has allowed me to explore other instruments and genres I did not have an opportunity to compose in earlier, for example opera and electroacoustic music.

My music is influenced by a great variety of sources. In fact, if you think you hear a reference in my composition, it’s probably there! Because of my study of the history of Western music, I feel very connected to its style periods and great composers—from Machaut to Piazzolla, from Dowland to Mahler, Bach to Villa-Lobos, Mozart to Stravinsky. Of course, I am influenced also by the many vernacular languages of today, as well as some non-Western traditions. I feel that the palette of a 21st century composer is larger and more varied than at any other time in history, with old and new elements often co-existing in the same work.

I thank you for your interest in my music, and invite you to browse through the compositions featured on this site.